04.20.90 Happy Birthday to Lu Han~ The manliest member of exo.

I love you to the moon and back, back to the moon again ♡


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“Pure like the innocence of a child who doesn’t know better. Born in this beautiful moment.”
 Happy Birthday to our Deer Lu Han. Its been 23 years since you were born in this world. Sharing your passion in this world, you were born with a voice of an Angel to be able to smooth and soften our hearts. I can’t believe that you’re turning 23 years old with your signature baby-faced. You never fail to make us believe that you’re only a 12 year old kid, but beside your young looks, you always manage to be there for your younger members. You become an ultimate big brother in just a blink of an eye for them. The way you care and look after for them makes us think that you are really an mature man. I always want to cry when you look after our Yixing whenever he feels pain and tired. The ways you makes sure that he was really alright makes my heart melts. When you give a smile spread across Sehun when you’re around, the way you call Xiumin, Baozi. But most especially, treating each and everyone in EXO as a real family. 
Seeing you cry makes me shed tears too, watching you getting tired and exhausted makes me weak, seeing you smile makes my emotions burst, hearing your laugh makes my knees weak and seeing you makes my day complete. You, Lu Han, was able to give that big impact and meaning to my life and I am proud to say that, I would never be complete without you. And you getting hurt was the last thing that I would want to see. 
Do you know how happy am I when I get to see you in person? When I get too hear you singing What is Love, I feel like crying, no, I was crying. I never imagine that that day would come. But you know what makes me feel like regretting it? Because I was too far from you, too close yet so far. It doesn’t matter actually, hearing your voice makes me feel that your just by my side.  
You’ve been training so hard just to achieve you dream, and everything finally paid off. You were able to live you dream and share it to the world. Together with your brothers you were able to stand still and preserve on your dream. Always remember to never give up, many people want to see you performing on stage, showing what you have work hard. Your parents must be really proud of you, to be able to gave birth of someone like you, not just an idol but a talented, mature and kindhearted person. Thank you for never giving up because if you did, exo will never be exo without you. Wo ai ni Lu Han. Happy Birthday!

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happy birthday lu han deer - april 20, 1990

Dear luhan,

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